Sketchbook Journal 2

A rainy day is so much better with good food. I stopped at a café and got vegan shrimp sushi and jasmine tea. It was so good, I had to draw it. The bird at the top is a developing idea for a tattoo; it's based on the Sankofa Adinkra symbol.

The other sketch is a character page for Rosalina. I think I should develop her as a character more before I try sculpting a paper version of her.

I loosened up a lot more on the second drawing (at the bottom). Her proportions are still a bit off. I changed her hair up a bit, adding some curly-cues coming out of the buns. Since she'll be stop-motion and not hand drawn, I might add some extra details, like polka dots (a popular design on flamenco dresses), and flowers in her hair.