More Hand Attmpts and Other Things

Working in ballpoint pen is soothing. Now, if only I was better at drawing crossed legs.

Lastly, here is a quick Rosalina sketch, featuring the two main characters: Rosa and her dad. Again, I edited some notes out. One day, I'll learn to use lined paper for messages instead of cluttering my sketchbook with them. Or, maybe not.

The dad's arms in the lower picture are funky. I don't know what was going on with my drawing hand that night. Maybe I'll go leftie next time? He is an early design; I think he needs more "dad" to him.

Filler Post

Another sketch dump. I've been running around like a chicken with her head cut off lately; I'll post progress on Rosalina soon, as well as some other things. Meanwhile, here is a drawing I did of her whilst avoiding human contact at a bar:

The personal journal drivel has been edited out. Don't wanna bore you. :)

Figure drawing. I'm incredibly rusty.

Sketchbook Journal 2

A rainy day is so much better with good food. I stopped at a café and got vegan shrimp sushi and jasmine tea. It was so good, I had to draw it. The bird at the top is a developing idea for a tattoo; it's based on the Sankofa Adinkra symbol.

The other sketch is a character page for Rosalina. I think I should develop her as a character more before I try sculpting a paper version of her.

I loosened up a lot more on the second drawing (at the bottom). Her proportions are still a bit off. I changed her hair up a bit, adding some curly-cues coming out of the buns. Since she'll be stop-motion and not hand drawn, I might add some extra details, like polka dots (a popular design on flamenco dresses), and flowers in her hair.