Recent things

I've been up to...well, the usual.

Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia hosted part 1 of a three-part film screening last night. For a small fee of five dollars, you get snacks and a great show. Some of the filmmakers were even there with props from their films. Travis Waugh came with a couple of the wolf masks from his recent film "I Am the Mountain, You Are the Water's Edge." Ian Foster's mechanical fish from "Direction Without Instructions" was there, as well as the cocoon from Jason Chen's "Subconscious." Jason Chen is also the co-owner of Paradigm.

For the 3th of July (I didn't go out on the 4th), I went to the Philadelphia fireworks with a couple of fellow animators. That was also when the animator Ashley Hamilton challenged me to create 10 seconds in 2 weeks.

And because I like doing all things crafty, I've been sewing a costume for a friend. Originally, I thought the costume was simple. Of course, it didn't turn out that way, and I've been working on this for far longer than I thought I would. I'm pretty proud of it, though. Here's an arm guard: