IndiGoGo for Off The Leash

I've spent the better part of a month away from this blog, but I return bearing news:
The Off The Leash team needs your help!

Now, I am not a part of this team, but this promo is definitely something I am proud of by association. A group of young people, some of which I know, got together, focused and made this happen. In order to keep it going, they have started an IndiGoGo fundraiser. Do yourselves a favor and check out the page. Do yourselves an even bigger favor and donate a few bucks to help them reach their goal. I know we're all as broke as your mama's favorite sculpture that you tried to fix with super glue in the 9th grade, only to have it fall apart right away and end up sadly occupying a storage shelf (*cough*), but this project is too good to just go by the wayside. If it doesn't get made, you'll end up kicking yourself. Or I'll find and kick you. I haven't decided whether or not to put my stalker skills to the test yet.

I mean really, folks! Check out these credentials from the promo page:

"The team attached to "Off the Leash" might be young, but we have a lot of credentials. Walter Wertz, the head writer, has been doing coverage work for various film companies all over the country for the last three years. Rachel Gitlevich, our director, has just completed her internship on the Comedy Central show Ugly Americans and she has shown a film at the Nicktoon's Film Festival. Lastly, Brian Lonano and his production company Robot Hand has won two Telly Awards. "Off the Leash" has also been a finalist in the Philly Pitchfest 2010 contest, giving Rachel and myself the distinct honor to pitch our idea to several high profile production companies. This review can be read on our web site (linked below and in our video)."

Read the rest of the info at the site, and send some love and dollars (or Euros, if that's what you're into) their way. They've got some great "thank you" gifts! You can also follow their progress on the Off The Leash blog.