Digital Progress! Featuring Snow White!

One of my mini-goals this year was to make progress in my digital drawing skills. It's been over 6 months, and I can proudly say that I have made progress.

My linework is better (use of different brushes, steadier strokes), my figure drawing is better (thanks, drawing every day!), and I think Snow White's overall design is a lot more fun.


1) Crown-shaped brass knuckles (cause she's the Queen, whether the Queen thinks so or not)
2) Magical dwarf head ring -- I wanted to give her seven, but that seemed like a bit much
3) Dwarf pinup tattoo
4) Apple boobs! Maybe not so subtle, but I thought they were fun...maybe I should have made them green...hmmmm...

The new gal could use work, but right now I'm too excited about how much better she looks than the old version to care about all the little details that need fixing.

I've also decided she has a "7" tattooed behind her ear. You know, for funsies.