Inktober Inspiration

All images (c) Matteo Scalera, y'all.

Inktober is upon us! I admit I've been slacking off, even this early in the month. Thankfully, my local comic shop came to inspirational rescue with a large-format copy of Black Science issue 1. Rob Remender can write his butt off, but i bought it for Matteo Scalera's gorgeous ink work.

To be fair, some of those blocks of grayscale are from the color version of the book. Still, the dude knows what he's doing. Those aren't pen liner outlines wih brush and ink to fill in. That's straight brush work. The way he works with darks and lights is fascinating. Its so moody.

I mean, my goodness. I normally spend my obsession energy on the Wonder Twins, but they'll have to forgive me. I still love them, but Scalera's got this game on lock right now.

Look at that contrasting layout. Look at it.

If you haven't read Black Science, you should start. It's beginning to get a little weird, but I have high hopes-- mainly based on my love of SciFi and how the story has been going so far.

Good stuff.

Digital Progress! Featuring Snow White!

One of my mini-goals this year was to make progress in my digital drawing skills. It's been over 6 months, and I can proudly say that I have made progress.

My linework is better (use of different brushes, steadier strokes), my figure drawing is better (thanks, drawing every day!), and I think Snow White's overall design is a lot more fun.


1) Crown-shaped brass knuckles (cause she's the Queen, whether the Queen thinks so or not)
2) Magical dwarf head ring -- I wanted to give her seven, but that seemed like a bit much
3) Dwarf pinup tattoo
4) Apple boobs! Maybe not so subtle, but I thought they were fun...maybe I should have made them green...hmmmm...

The new gal could use work, but right now I'm too excited about how much better she looks than the old version to care about all the little details that need fixing.

I've also decided she has a "7" tattooed behind her ear. You know, for funsies.

Detroit Gumby

Today would have been Art Clokey's 90th birthday. Google did a doodle for him. :)

Not only was Clokey born in the greatest city on Earth (Detroit, MI), but he was one of the best and most well known stop motion clay animators out there. Ask anyone who Gumby is! In fact, here is Gumbasia, his first film, and the film that inspired Gumby:

Clokey was working under the tutelage of Slavko Vorkapić, with a style called Kinesthetic Film Principles. Clokey was, as the kids say, pretty badass. Here is Gumby's first appearance: Gumby Goes To The Moon. Enjoy!