Dollar Stroll

West Philly's annual Dollar Stroll was a success yesterday, despite the rain. Each year, businesses set up booths (and families set up tables) to sell dollar bites of food and trinkets -- mostly food. I've been trying to remember everyone I saw there. It's a lot of people. Here are a few, with more on the way.

The Shower Principle

I watched a couple of Simon Pegg movies tonight. I love the animated hedgehog sequence in "A Fantastic Fear of Everything."

Sketch journals, including a sketch of Mr. Pegg, and a note on logic:

What I Learned From Binge Watching Game of Thrones In 4 Days (NSFW)

Yea, it was that kind of week. I fell sick out of nowhere. Sick enough to have to leave work early, to feel freezing cold and then sweltering hot, and to decide watching the entirety of a series described to me by several people as "brutal" would be a good way to deal with it.

So, while throwing my hair into two-strand twists so i didnt have to deal with it, and dying it blue for some reason, I settled in for warfare and political struggle. Here's what I gleaned:

1) Danearys Targarian has a fantastic wardrobe consultant.

I mean, really. In season one, she dressed in whatever Dothraki clothing her crazy new husband provided her. By the time season 2 ends, she's got all kinds of fun dresses, boots, armor, and capes - an incredible feat, considering her people were starving and thirsty in the desert for some time. She must have been giving all the water to her tailors, cause they did a great job.

I also learned that beyond dragons, I envy her eyebrows. Girl can work a thick brow like nobody else.

2) My life isn't so bad.

Sure, I've had some ups and downs, as does everyone. But the last 3 weddings I attended involved exactly zero deaths. I can't say the same for...well, anyone in the GoT universe.

3) One can accomplish anything, as long as one has snacks. 

The main issue Danearys had was lack of food and water. Beyond that, she did fine. Even Jaime Lannister's complaint when captured (before the hand loss), was hunger. Good snacks are key to keeping up a good mood. That, and not having Joffrey around. That guy was the worst.

4) Vaginas are OK. Penises are not.

I saw so many boobs and vaginas in this show. So. Many. Usually without reason. There were even moments where characters apologized for revealing their vaginas, and covered them back up. But male genetalia? Seven Old Gods forbid! Look, I'm all for nudity in everyday life. I went to art school. I know the deal. Bodies shouldn't be shamed, but they should be treated with respect. The respectful view of women's bodies was about 1 in every 100 incidents. Brutal rape, beatings, beheadings- all fine. But a clear shot of a penis was nowhere to be found. And don't give me that, "But Jaaazzzz, men in the show are subjected to crazy violence, too! They get stabbed and shot with arrows and limbs are removed!" Were the men stripped naked during this violence to enhance it? Usually not, you say? Only when the violence was in reaction to their sexuality, you say? Then shut it.

Anyway, here's a page full of penises, to even things out a little.

Will I keep watching season 5? Heck yes! I'm all caught up, and I'll be darned if I don't see who wins control of the seven kingdoms. P.S. Stannis is a buster. Don't even try to get me on his side. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, STANNIS. YOU JERK. And all y'all on Jaimie's side: where did your parents go wrong with you? You know he's still in love with his sister, right? Ok.

Yea, It's Not Done Yet.

Guys, I don't know how many of these I'm going to do, but eventually it'll stop. These aren't all of my sketch blogs about it, and regardless of the topic, I do like the aesthetics of the ones I'm putting up. Bear with me.

Let's Get Super Personal

Relationships are difficult. Case in point: sketchbook journals about my most recent one. Yes, I was stupid for staying in it so long. Yes, there are more where this came from. No, they're not all this bad. The man gave me foot massages and cooked breakfast every day, and took me out to dinners and picnics and we traded bad jokes. These wonderful moments here and there made me try to forget the bad ones. But when it was bad, it was really bad. Protect your self worth, people. Love and respect have to go both ways for a relationship to flourish. Otherwise, you spend most of your time waiting for the explosion that comes with whatever next thing you're going to do wrong in their eyes.

Drawing and writing is making this situation much easier; of course, it should have ended sooner. But we're all stupid sometimes.

I feel much less empty right now than I did earlier. Drawing helps a lot.

Sketchbook Journal 7

A little watercolor of the past week:

Philly girls try their darndest to look like pinups. This one was wearing so much black eyeliner that I could barely see her eyes. The bottom image is from the beach. I can't swim, yet tried to dive into a large wave. It carried me underwater for a ways, and when I finally stood up, my swimsuit top did not come with me...that was interesting.

These two are therapy images. I find that talking to licensed practitioners does nothing compared to a good watercolor session.

They look a bit brighter in person, but I kind of like how they turned out from the scanner, so I didn't fix it. I need to get back to figure drawing and see how that comes out with watercolors. I may post images if I think they're worth a look.

Sketchbook Journal 6

I decided to put the next few sketchbook journal drawings in a separate post from the last one, since some of these are nsfw. I draw some weird stuff when I'm sick/delirious.

While I was drawing the fruit stand, an old man walked up and looked at my sketchbook. He said, "Great! Looks just like what it is. Now, draw how it makes you feel. You know, after you're done with that one." Then he walked away. Random. Deep, but random.

More pictures after the jump.

I'm not sure what medication I was on when I drew this one. It was definitely a combination of meds, lack of sleep, and sickness-induced delirium.

Watercolors are fun!

Sketchbook Journal 5

It's been a while since I've posted any of my sketchbook journal entries. Here are a couple from the past few months.


"One time, when I was eating gummi bears, I looked down and noticed I as eating a gummi broom. And I wondered if I had eaten an entire gummi house, just arbitrarily, without realizing it."

Sketchbook Journal 4

Another sketch drop.

On another note, I am fairly in love with the new Yahoo! Mail ads. Each one is animated in a different style, and they are all delightfully fun to watch.

There are more, and you should check them all out.

As usual, I can find the ad agency that put these out (Goody, Silversetein & Partners), but I haven't yet found any info on the animators. They don't seem to be credited anywhere. Serious, serious bummer. If anyone can find out, please let me know!

Sketchbook Journal 3

Not sure how I feel about the brown layout yet. I just needed a change from the normal blue.

I don't have much to update, so I'm posting some recent sketches. I'm working with the International Office at UArts again, this time assisting with a week of activities between the students in a Japanese-centered class and 20 or so visiting Japanese students and their teachers from Osaka. I haven't been able to do much yet besides take pictures and sketch, but those are two of my favorite pastimes, so it works out just fine.

Sketchbook Journal 2

A rainy day is so much better with good food. I stopped at a café and got vegan shrimp sushi and jasmine tea. It was so good, I had to draw it. The bird at the top is a developing idea for a tattoo; it's based on the Sankofa Adinkra symbol.

The other sketch is a character page for Rosalina. I think I should develop her as a character more before I try sculpting a paper version of her.

I loosened up a lot more on the second drawing (at the bottom). Her proportions are still a bit off. I changed her hair up a bit, adding some curly-cues coming out of the buns. Since she'll be stop-motion and not hand drawn, I might add some extra details, like polka dots (a popular design on flamenco dresses), and flowers in her hair.

Sketchbook Journal 1

My sketchbook doubles as a personal journal. The pages are fuzzy because they are warped, and the scanner couldn't deal with it.

While I was at the café, I got sick of everyone speaking to me in "Starbucks terms." No, I don't know what a "Venti-whatever" is. No, "frappuccino" is not a real word, nor a real drink. Vegan vegetable soup is not fattening, and when someone stares at the ginormous menu for 5 whole minutes, I expect them to not ask me what drinks the café serves.

To be fair, 90% of my customers were amazing; it was the other 10% that inspired most of my lunch break artwork. this guy in the upper right corner. He was a regular, and British. He always leaned in and swept his hair back when he ordered (usually tea). I even managed to get a "Thanks, love," out of him once. The parade of kids at the bottom always rolled past the window around noon. They were always overdressed for the weather.

The sketch of Rosalina is plopped on there to cover up some airline flight info I don't want getting out. Paranoia is my friend. ^_^

The function at the bottom right is for someone I used to work with.

Valentine's Day sketch. Japanese notes and a Stegasaurus.