The Jackson/Flint/Everywhere Water Crisis

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. As many people know, Detroit has a water problem - there's too much lead in it. Flint, located close to Detroit, has even more lead in the water. And slowly, we are all discovering that these issues flow throughout many cities and towns in the country. 

I have family in Jackson, Mississippi. Unbeknownst to me until recently, Jackson is one of the places where the water problems persist. One of the people working to get the word out about this was a woman I'd had the pleasure of working with on the Comics For Choice anthology: Dr. Cynthia Greenlee. She asked if I wanted to get the old band back together, with the help of ReWire News, and naturally, I said yes.

I am endlessly proud of this project. Immense thanks to Laurie Bertram Roberts who, along with her children, provided her voice and experience as the background to this comic. Her family, and many, many others, are still dealing with the water crisis around the United States. Thanks to Marc and Cynthia at ReWire for letting me flex my creativity, and for bringing light to this issue. There are so many problems that need solutions, but I truly believe if we all put our heads together, we can tackle this thing.

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