The Ogre & The Mermaid

For about 3 years after college, I worked on a short film. It was directed by Chris Magee (of Dreaming Thomas), who wanted to tackle a more traditional style of animation. I spent many hours drawing in-betweens by hand - in pencil - and more hours helping color for a few shots. The coloring mostly went to interns, since that was a full-time gig in itself.

The Ogre & The Mermaid wrapped at 10 minutes, and I moved on to other projects. But surprise, surprise! Chris sent it out to a bunch of festivals, and a few of them really enjoyed the work.


Our first recognition came this past March, for the Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival. Best Animation of the Month! 

And just recently: 

Official Selection black.png

We made the official selection of the Filmstrip International Film Festival in Romania.

This is super cool. I'm really proud of the work I did on this film. Here's hoping more festivals pick it up. 

If you'd like to see stills, "making of," etc, check out the The Ogre & The Mermaid blog.