Saint Nik / by Jaz Malone

Traditionally, saints are people we may or may not have met, that have blessed the world with their presence. They are positive, negative, or anything in between, and they have specific personality traits that make them the face of a particular state of being. 

With this in mind, I realized a while ago that I have a few saints on my social media feeds. They are not necessarily of the highest morals, and they don't guide me in any particular direction, but they present distinct qualities that have become synonymous with their names in my head. Some are continuously salty toward everyone and everything; some are cuddly; some are heartbreakers. The list, and its possibilities for paintings, is endless.

Nik Hampshire, whose painting I completed first as a test run (above), was completely on board with me canonizing him (thanks, Nik!). He's a Philly-area model, known for his lush beard, large gauges, and tattooed body. Most people I follow online are visual artists or musicians; but Nik? Nik is just pretty to look at. He knows it, and so does everyone else. And so, he became a saint: a person with specific traits that bless my feed every day.

When they're done, I'll upload the whole set. There are a lot of saintly characters in my life.