Born To Leave The House, At Least

A friend of mine convinced me, over several conversations, to watch Yuri!!! On Ice. I hadn't watched any new anime in a very long time. I'd been disappointed with a lot of recent shows; maybe it's my bad luck in picking the worst, or maybe I compare so many shows to Cowboy Bebop that it's difficult to enjoy anything (See You Space Cowboy...). Regardless, although the thought of an ice skating anime sounded cute, I did not truly believe I would enjoy it.

Like many other people who binged the entire 12 episodes in one or two sittings, I now believe I can conquer the universe. Sometimes, I find myself feeling low. Then I remember that Yuri!!! On Ice exists. It's kind of like what happened after watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for the first time (Row Row, Fight The Power!), or growing up watching Rurouni Kenshin and deciding to be a master at something...anything.

I know I'm just linking anime soundtracks at this point. It's a good thing. The opening theme to YOI was nice at first, and a fight song now. It won't sound like that at first listen. It will.

I don't know why it took me two months to make fanart.


Speaking of theme songs: I know these animators better do what they do when they do what they do. That's not rotoscope, by the way.