Old News

There arrives a point in everyone's life when they decide to revisit old work. For me, this point comes often, and usually ends in cringing out of my skull. It's probably a little masochistic to continue the cycle, but art is a little masochistic to begin with.

At some point, back in college, I made a couple short documentaries as part of a class. I would not call myself a filmmaker, and at the time, I don't think I was getting enough sleep to call myself anything. My camera work was shoddy, and the footage is grainy, but the characters I chose to highlight are still charming. One short features a group of competitive board gamers. There are a million things I'd do differently these days, but I'd say for being half-dead from my senior thesis (which I won't even talk about), it's not the worst thing I've made. 

Nowhere close to the best.

Still...not THE worst.