Philly Zine Fest

This past Sunday, I had the great pleasure of taking part in Philly Zine Fest for the first time. The convention was organized by Dre Grigoropol and Ken Amato, both Philadelphia-based artists, and attended by about 600 people. It was a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the public and other artists. I met a good number of talented people.

Even better, I got out of the house. When your business centers on staring at a piece of paper or a computer screen for hours at a time, you can forget to interact with other human beings once in a while. Although I have a day job (who doesn't?), I still make less time for talking to other people about my and their work as I should. Like many artists, I'd rather wallow in a sea of self-loathing, coffee, beer, and art supplies. Occasionally, my cat puts one paw on a page to denote her extreme dislike of anything taking my attention away, but that doesn't count as conversation.

The Zine Fest gave me a chance to be proud of my work. Say what you will about artist's egos, but it's really nice to hear that a person you've never met actually enjoys what you do. It's an even better feeling when more than several strangers express that feeling.

I got to sit next to Corey Bechelli, who is one (artistic) half of Blown Away, and Andrew Rothman  of Ink Brick. Tia, a local artist who draws in a distinct creepy-cute style headed up the table across the way. A full list of the artists showing work is online, but there was a lot of talent there. I wish I'd taken pictures, but I do have a quick sketch journal entry of the opposite table:

The ramblings of the intensely caffeinated are not to be taken too seriously.

The ramblings of the intensely caffeinated are not to be taken too seriously.

I sold out of the majority of my stock. That's a good feeling. :)