Black America is an incredibly diverse group. Although the majority of us arrived in this country many generations ago by force through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, a good number of us did not. Late last year, I began interviewing individuals who fall into the latter group. Those interviews were recorded, compiled, and I am now putting them out into the world as a series of comics entitled "We."

There were many reasons behind starting this project. I'm not going to get into them, as they form a long list, but so far, it's been incredibly eye-opening.

A huge thank you to everyone who has participated so far. I didn't expect such a warm reception to the idea, nor for so many people to step forward to help. I'm still turning out pages, but I will attempt to have the first comic completed by the start of next month. I'm going to take a short break in between interviews, as there is a lot of information to compress. They will be available to read in their own section of this site (see the toolbar up top!).

The first interview is with Tracey Elle, a California-area animator and illustrator. You can find her incredible work here: 



I hope the interviews will be as interesting to read as they were for me to hear.