Dawn of Something Or Other

Superman and Batman walk into a bar. Batman pulls out a chunk of kryptonite. Superman dies.

Horribly-told jokes aside, I have work in the Dawn Of Justice show at Atomic City Comics this Friday. It's gonna be a great show with a lot of talented artists. I've got a few other gallery openings to attend that night, so I'll be running around Philly like a madwoman. Such are the perks of having a lot of creative friends.

Part 3 of a triptych: Wonder Woman doesn't like your sass.

Part 3 of a triptych: Wonder Woman doesn't like your sass.

I also took the first round of comic pages from my Black migration project to a few artists for critique. After extensive discussion and note-taking, I'm continuing with a few minor modifications. The interviews are going well, so the work will mostly be in visually describing the lives of people about whose backgrounds I'm just learning in detail. The project is forcing me to study countries I'd never researched; I'm learning a lot about world history, and it's great.

On top of the monthly Atomic City shows and the migration comics, I've got the motion graphics class, mini-comics, a whole list of books to read, and several animations that I have not started (they've sat in my brain for some time) but am prepping for so as to knock them out one by one when I finally can. I figure if I can storyboard them and make any small props needed well in advance, the actual filming can go much smoother later on. That's usually how it works, anyway.

There's no real glory in dying from exhaustion, but it would be nice to knock several items off my "Creative Goals" list this year.