Let's Get Super Personal

Relationships are difficult. Case in point: sketchbook journals about my most recent one. Yes, I was stupid for staying in it so long. Yes, there are more where this came from. No, they're not all this bad. The man gave me foot massages and cooked breakfast every day, and took me out to dinners and picnics and we traded bad jokes. These wonderful moments here and there made me try to forget the bad ones. But when it was bad, it was really bad. Protect your self worth, people. Love and respect have to go both ways for a relationship to flourish. Otherwise, you spend most of your time waiting for the explosion that comes with whatever next thing you're going to do wrong in their eyes.

Drawing and writing is making this situation much easier; of course, it should have ended sooner. But we're all stupid sometimes.

I feel much less empty right now than I did earlier. Drawing helps a lot.