Getting Started - A mild ramble

I've been chatting and networking with various people and groups for the last...2 years, now? I've had this big project in my head. A ghost, really. No real form, but pushes objects around in my mind when it wants to. It's starting to take shape, for once, because I've spoken to enough people to consider all its angles. The oddest thing is knowing I can accomplish it now. This ethereal thing, it can shift into solid form after two years, and it's scary. It's big and hulking, and has the possibility of steamrolling everything else in my life, for good or bad. Strange.

There are so many items on my project list to check off. They all merge into The Big, in one way or another. I can't tell if I'm giddy or terrified. Maybe both. The next year is gonna be so comfortably uncomfortable.