This Week's Read: Which Art Student Are You?

Chuck Dillon is as observant as any art professor should be. Which Art Student Are You? is a collection of humorous caricatures of the various students he has dealt with over his decade-plus career. Pretty much everyone is represented here: the "Student 2.0," with descriptors such as, "Popular with the ladies in instant messaging but once they meet in person ladies realize he has no real communication skills. Wonders if more Axe body spray will help;" all the way to "Furry Student." Each drawing has a slew of perfect descriptions scibbled around.

As a hilarious side effect, certain art students who fall into the categories presented are actually offended. Having gone through an art university myself, I found the short book spot-on. I can pick out which student I was, and it's great to see what that looks like from a professor's point of view.

You can more of Chuck Dillon's work on his blog, 30x30.