This Week's Read: Mouse Guard

David Petersen's Mouse Guard isn't new. It is, however, adorable. Remember the Redwall series? I do. I couldn't put those books down as a kid, and when Brian Jacques died, I felt that a piece of me died, too. Of course, when I read the series now, it's clearly for a younger audience. Enter Mouse Guard.

These comics can be enjoyed by anyone. Simple stories about medieval battles, romance, and honor peak an immediate interest; the cuteness factor keeps the interest, as all of the main characters are weapon-wielding mice. Sometimes, they fight each other. Sometimes, their enemy is greater (an evil group of crabs, for instance).

Even better is that Petersen put so much time and effort into the setting. In the back of Mouse Guard Fall 1152, for instance, there are maps to the territories, town layouts, and descriptions of various jobs common for mice in the villages of that era.

There are other comics and GNs featuring mice or other animals, but this is one of my favorites. It brings back a certain nostalgia for a time when I didn't have to rush out to work, and could sit and read for days on end. If you're not a Redwall fan, MG is still a great read. There are enough action sequences for those who prefer them, and enough story to keep everything balanced. All that, and it's great for all ages!