This Week's Read: OPUS

This week's read is Satoshi Kon's OPUS. Originally released from 1995 through 1996 in the magazine Comic Guy's, OPUS is a tale of manga characters who realize their world is the creation of someone else's imagination. Kon never released the final chapter during its heyday; his career in anime flourished, and he put the manga on hold to pursue projects such as Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue, and Tokyo Godfathers (for which we are all very thankful). All chapters, including the final one, are now available in one large volume.

Although Kon never fully finished inking the final sequences of OPUS before he passed away, the images still add some much-needed closure.

As a whole, this meta comedy is an extremely entertaining read. It's especially fun for artists; the story centers around the dreaded artist's block, with the added bonus of the artwork deciding it doesn't want to be drawn a certain way. I loved the theme of letting your work do what it needs to do without forcing it. The protagonist, Chikara Nagai, adds personality, background, and style to his characters; in return, they come to life -- literally.

Give it a read!