How I Met The KGB: First Page Process

In preparation for a (hopeful) long-form comic, I've started writing short comics. "How I Met The KGB" is 5 pages long. It's taken me a long time to knock out the first page, as I tried working digitally this time. I still penciled it traditionally, but the rest is digital. I know it's odd, but I haven't done illustrations in Photoshop, other than college assignments, in a very long time. Not since high school, I think.

The inks. I figured I should make it look like my other work: black outlines, watercolors on the inside. It sorta kinda worked. I need more practice.

First attempt at flat colors. Before I decided on the watercolor look, I tried doing basic, flat color. It looked quite unlike me, so after a couple critiques from friends, I changed it. I also took out the tumbling instructor in the first panel. He didn't need to be there.

Figuring out how to use watercolor brushes that aren't real watercolor brushes.

The full, finished page is on my tumblr: I'm gonna knock out one a week as best as I can. Wish me luck!