Wire Frame

Along with the Rumi film, I am starting to tinker with stop motion again. It's been a little while (a year, I think!), so I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well do it big. Literally.

This is the wire frame I'm using. As you can see, the figure has no head. It's supposed to be like that; don't worry.

Twisting up the frame...

There are certain objectives I have for the remainder of 2014. I recall my goal list from last year, and there are two items I have yet to cross off.

"4) Finish one personal film by the end of 2013
9) Have some sort of correspondence (email, phone, Skype, whatever) with Fabio Moon and/or Gabriel Bá."

Surprisingly, I haven't contacted Moon/Ba yet. I think my lack of an updated portfolio is keeping me away from it. I will fix that. I didn't finish a personal film last year, either. That will change within the next 9 months.

Let me add a couple to this list:

1) Finish a short comic
2) Update this blog more regularly

These are both doable. There's no reason to create goals if I'm not going to at least try to reach them, so off I go.