Burqa Blue

Claire Fouquet is back in town! She brought me this fantastic hat.

 And this specialty French chocolate. Mmm chocolate.

It's really good to see her. Spending time with artists really puts me a creative mood, and since it's been a creative week already, I kicked into hard mode. Today, I started working on this piece:

I saw this woman on the street in Annecy this summer. I saw her twice during the week, and she wore the same color burqa both times. I can't quite duplicate the color. It was the most beautiful blue-gray, muted, but somehow still bright. I've never seen a burqa that color before, and she was the only woman wearing one like it all week. At one point, I was swimming in a sea of hijabs, green, brown, and every pattern one could think of, but this woman just sort of floated between them down the street, doing her everyday shopping, standing out from everyone else.

The image feels nearly complete. I'm not 100% sure what it's missing, but I have some ideas.