Mid-year Goal Review

Last December, I made a list of goals that I wanted to reach this year. It's a little over 2/3 through 2013, so I need to figure out where I stand.

1) Finish this animation gig
2) Finish Ogre and the Mermaid
3) Interview/talk with two people in the animation business (and by that I mean people far higher up the ladder than I, not for a job, but simply to pick their brains)
4) Finish one personal film by the end of 2013
5) Find and complete at least one paid animation gig
6) Learn basic arduino and LED thread usage
7) Learn better business management skills. The basics aren't cutting it anymore
8) Advance to Intermediate-level Korean, Advanced French, Basic Spanish, and Basic Mandarin
9) Have some sort of correspondence (email, phone, Skype, whatever) with Fabio Moon and/or Gabriel Bá

Three and a half ain't too bad. Ogre is nearing its end, although we still have a large chunk of work to power through. I have two personal films in mind, and am slowly collecting resources for them, but I honestly doubt either one will be done by December. Still, not bad. I'm surprised at myself.