The Next Best Thing To Visiting Detroit Is...

...visiting an old friend from Detroit, who moved to New York. We spent the day looking at art in various forms: comics, toys, and graffiti.

Graffiti/street art:


We went to My Plastic Heart to check out a gallery show that included Nosego, koNo, Flying Fortress, and other very cool artists. I bought this sweet Bruce Lee figurine! It was the "mystery" one! I am far too excited about it, and I don't even care! I need to buy nun chucks for his little fists. Maybe a sword, too. We also went to Toy Tokyo, and found some boxes designed by the company my friend works for.


We hit up Kinokuniya. I finally bought Not Simple by Natsume Ono, after at least five years of putting it off.

My friend, who designs toy boxes (best job ever).

All that, and stop at Might Quinn's for some of the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth brisket (and sweet potato and walnuts, and pickled cucumbers, and real ginger ale), made the day perfect. Missing my bus home snagged it a little, but I caught the next one, so it was fine. :)

I ended the day at a mid-progress screening of Ogre and the Mermaid. We got some good feedback on making the film better, and got to see others' finished films and works in progress.

I am exhausted.