Café Sketches

I go to cafés far too often for my own good (or my wallet's good). At least I'm getting some drawing out of it. Honestly, these looked a lot better before I overworked them. I need an alarm to go off when I'm supposed to stop adding things.

I warmed up with some scribble drawings of a pregnant woman and skinny man, and a girl studying:

Trying something different. These two weren't at the table at the same time, but I stuck them there together, anyway. Drawing the lines after doing the color was an interesting change from how I normally work:

I haven't drawn this girl in a while. She wasn't at the café, of course; I felt that after life drawing, I should get some imagination drawings in (Thanks Roger Roth!):

I occasionally attempt to do the same type of thing with perspective, but always fail miserably. I've been failing somewhat less miserably lately, which supports the hope that I might be getting better at perspective drawing, but it's still nothing to write home about.

In between café visits, Ogre/Mermaid, and work, I've been putting my little doodles up in one place: It's not a portfolio as much as a place to see my brain spillage all in one place. So there you go.