My First Multiplane Animation Stand

After a few months of procrastination, telling myself that the downstairs neighbors would hate me forever for using power tools on a Saturday morning, and worries about accidentally slicing open furniture and/or body parts, I finally put together a makeshift multiplane animation stand. It's crude, but usable. There are a few adjustments yet to be made, but for now, I just need to throw a downshooter on top and I'm gold. Or copper, more like it. 

There was so much sawdust floating around in my living room that my phone couldn't take a decent picture. I'm pretty sure half of it is in my lungs (I wore a mask and goggles, but it still got in somehow). The animation desk watches neatly from the side. He'll have a brother soon.

Waiting for the back to finish setting. This was really makeshift, so the joints are a combination of wood glue and nails.

Qat is thoroughly unamused with the whole process. After spending most of the day hiding from the electric saw, she acts like nothing happened. She looks a lot like a stuffed animal. I'm not sure if I'm creeped out by that yet.

Finished-ish project. The plexiglass still has the frosted covers attached. I'll remove them once I actually use the thing.

I have five levels to work with. I think that's enough for a basic film. The levels aren't adjustable, but, you know, baby steps.