Newly Looney

I should really get a working TV, so I can keep up with these things.

The Looney Tunes has gone through a reboot. At first look, I was less than pleased. I'm so used to watching the old cartoons, hearing the old voices, and mimicking the old jokes that I immediately rejected the thought of a new series. Then I kept watching. I know I'm going to catch a lot of flack for this, but I honestly didn't hate it. I even found myself giving a knee-slapping chortle once or twice. Maybe my sense of humor has dwindled, but once I stopped directing hateful glares toward my computer screen, and started thinking about The Looney Tunes Show as a completely new thing and not a reboot, I wasn't all that disappointed.

The characters are a bit different; Lola (you'll remember her from Space Jam, the greatest basketball player movie --yes, it beats out Kazamm!) is presented as a psycho clingy girlfriend. Pepe lePeu doesn't have a cat to pine over, but is an all-around womanizer, and Bugs and Daffy are roommates, Odd Couple style. The animation style is, of course, not the same, but there are -- dare I say it -- in-betweens. It actually looked like someone animated something.

I don't love it to death, but I'd certainly watch it. Bugs even dresses up like a woman here and there.

I do miss the musical numbers, though.