Fifty Percent Grey Vs. Aliens

...because every film nowadays is "Something Vs. Aliens." Not that I'm complaining.

I hope everyone remembers this guy. If you don't, get up on that.

The director's name is Ruairi Robinson, and he made a short animated film a while back called Fifty Percent Grey. The film is about a soldier who wakes up in the afterlife, and the only thing around him in the white expanse is a television that drives him nuts. The film was short but good.

According to Animation World Network, Ruairi's been selected to direct a new sci-fi movie called The Fallen.

"The story follows special ops team sent to wipe out a crashed alien spaceship in Russia that is creating a 400-mile wide electronics dead zone. The budget is set at $35 million. The studios hope to start production at the start of 2012." -Rick DeMott

I'm just speculating here, but I think $35mil is a huge jump from whatever budget this guy had on Fifty Percent Grey. This proves it; there is hope for our financial futures, ladies and gentlemen!