Where Is My Lotte?

When I first learned to animate, I had just started high school. I played with claymation and mostly did traditional. By the time I got to college, I was obsessed with creating the most beautifully done hand-drawn films. Halfway into the first semester, a professor showed me the work of Lotte Reiniger, and my entire world stopped. It took me a year to process the new information, but second semester of Sophomore year, I focused completely on recreating and then building upon Lotte's work. Due to external factors, I lost focus on everything in the second semester of my Junior year, and sort of stayed that way until graduation.

I'm slowly finding a love of animation again, and having had a year out of school to marinate in everything I've learned, I'm creating things I actually like; but there hasn't been a moment like the time I saw Lotte's work for the first time. There were small excitements, like when someone introduced me to BLU's work, or Megan Brain's imagery, but nothing that turned my entire way of thinking about art upside-down. I know I should keep working and discover new things myself, but I can't help but wonder. Where is my Lotte Reiniger moment?