Where Have I Been?

Not sure. Maybe La-La Land.
Downside: I've been slacking.
Plus side: I got over that.

One of my favorite manga writers, Naoki Urasawa, has a series that I haven't read. Gasp. I'm a bit late on it (try a few years and three movie adaptions), but it was a fanta-bu-lous surprise. It's called 20th Century Boys, and even though I've only read the first one, I am throroughly enjoying it. After Monster, I didn't know if I would find another Urasawa manga at a place like Borders. Surprise! Happiness. Now I just have to go back and find other series of his.

This is my "excited over a book" look. It's similar to my "don't touch my pie" look.

I also stopped at Atomic Comics and got this guy:

It's a book on storyboarding, because Goodness knows I need it.