Re-Inventing Rosalina

The above is from my final project for the Drawing For Animators II class I took in my last semester of school. It's the inspiration for my next personal film. The girl's name is currently Rosalina, although I may change that in the future, and she is a child flamenco dancer performing in an out-of-the-way bar in Barcelona, Spain.

I created the character from a memory I have of Spain, of walking through a dark alley in Barcelona and ending up at a little bar where flamenco dancers performed. Everything was dark except for the stage and a few other elements. Even the guitarists were mostly hidden from the lights. Strangely enough, the strongest memory I have of that moment is of a spectator in the back of the bar, completely silhouetted with the orange lights behind him outlining only his frame and the light of, and smoke drifting up from, his cigarette. At the moment, he's playing an integral part of the film.

The piece won't be completely serious; I need to have some fun, after all, and I'm not good with heartbreaking masterpieces. This film is going to take some time, but I'm glad I finally feel loose enough as an artist to create something like this. So far, my brain and hands are connected. I'm really hoping I don't lose that during this process.