Animation Books, Part 1

I got some of the books I ordered in the mail recently (I love snail mail!). So far, I've received The Art of Pocahontas; The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Tale As Old As Time (The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast); and Shadow Puppets and Shadow Play.

I'm halfway through Tale As Old As Time. Disregarding all the grammatical errors, it's chock-full of great information. It sets up the context for Beauty and the Beast, it's predecessors and how they influenced the film, and the creation of the film itself. There are lots of sketches, backdrops, and early studies for characters and settings. The work that went into creating just Beast is incredible.

Shadow Play looks really interesting. It talks about different puppet techniques and how to implement them. I like that, because once one knows the proper way to do things, one has a much easier time breaking the rules. I can't wait to pour through that book, as well as the others.