First Friday, September 2010

I wandered around for a few hours and came upon a couple of interesting shows.

At Jolie Laide Gallery, there was "Robert Horvath, Recent Works." It consisted of a few paintings in what appeared to be airbrush, and some sculpture pieces. The sculpture grabbed me more than the paintings; they seemed to be a slightly more finalized version of what the artist wanted to express...

I say that, knowing full well that I am no sort of art critic. My humble opinion can be debated, but I enjoyed the mobile sculpted pieces more.

There were some pretty cool paintings, though.

After wandering around Old City for a few hours, I ended up going south to Paradigm for the "Woah, 3D!" show.

The show was curated by Philly famous Yis Goodwin, and the super-rockin band Jukebox the Ghost played. Not a bad Friday night! :)