Paul Keene and the International Hallway

I went to the Paul Keene opening reception at the Sande-Webster Gallery. Keene's work was very eclectic...each decade or so was completely different. I don't know if I liked that, but I did like certain pieces.

This was my favorite, I think. It's just a sketch, but it reminds me of a storyboard.

I absolutely loved these two pieces, although neither of them are by Keene. The man on the stool is by Ibn Kendall; the woman is by Jas Knight.

On the art note, I hung another quick show in the Gershman Y building, using pieces from the OtherWise Exhibit. It was pretty simple; I've gotten better at museum-style hanging.

The two closest images in the picture are posters done by Taewan An, and they are quite cool.