The Karate Kid (remake)

When I first heard that someone got the bright idea of remaking The Karate Kid, I was a little upset. I didn't think there was any reason for it whatsoever, and loathed the idea of Ralph Macchio being replaced yet again.

But then I went to see the movie, and I really enjoyed it. It had just enough of the old one in it to not seem completely different, but it certainly wasn't an exact remake. My favorite parts happened during random throwbacks: a character would recite a line directly from the original in a new conversation, and one or two songs from the original were remixed for the new one (I can't be exactly sure about that, but if my memory serves me right, there was at least one). I won't ruin the ending for those unfortunate souls who haven't seen the original, much less the remake, but I like how it was the same basic idea, not copied to a T.

Normally, I can't stand remakes; for whatever reason, this one was great. Jaden Smith is just like his dad was when he was younger, except that Will didn't act as well back then -- sorry, Will. Your son's pretty good.

I noticed that the director really liked using silhouette shots with fog. It gave certain scenes a nice feel, although I felt it was overdone when Dre and Mr. Han practiced in the yard after the whole "crazed-smashing-of-the-car" thing.

All in all, it was a great movie.

Photo © Jasin Boland 2009