Azureus Rising = *Concept Art Drool*

If you haven't seen Azureus Rising - Proof of Concept yet, you are missing out.

Even better (if at all possible) than the actual short film -- which is just a CONCEPT, by the way; how cool is that? -- is the concept art for it. Apparently, it's a test for a feature film trilogy.

"With 5 minutes - how much story can you really get? I knew I could not get a emotional reaction with only 5 minutes of screen time. There's no time to set up the characters so you feel like you can relate to them, and then watch how they handle and react to the events that unfold around them. For me story is about showing change. The change in a character - or the changes in the world and the hero's impact on those transformations. So instead of trying to half ass my story into a 5 minute short film - I opt to make a exciting visual display of the world and the character in action."
-Producer/Director David Weinstein on Azureus Rising - Proof of Concept

I also love what Mr. Weinstein says about 3D animation:

"I feel 3D is an amazing tool to help draw the audience in. It doesn't create better stories and help cover up a poor plot. It's just another visual element to help immerse the viewer into the character's world."

The same goes with any animation medium. If you don't have something people will want to watch, it doesn't matter what style you use. I can only hope to be as effective with my animation as people like Lotte Reiniger, Glen Keane, and Pat Smith are.

Definitely check out Azureus' website. It looks pretty drool-worthy so far, in my humble opinion.