Oh Hey, Blog. What's Up?

I haven't written a progress update in a while.

I've been slowly working on my senior film. It isn't killing me out of impatience anymore; now it's killing me because I need to finish so many things in so little time. That's OK though. I like working, it makes me feel accomplished. Without something to work on, I just feel like this:
...and with work, it's more like this:
Btw, if there are any über-nerds out there, the necklace I'm wearing is an alchemy circle from FullMetal Alchemist. Yes. I am that person.

I finally got some shots done on my film, and I am in the business of editing said shots during this and the coming weeks. I've been tweaking the same sequence for days...although I'd like it to be finished, my OCD won't let it.
It's driving me nuts! There's a very *slight* camera shake that I MUST fix, and I want the yoga character to get all "glowy," but it looks too artificial right now....ARRALGJD'LVN'LKAGUIHAG why....

I had to take a week off because I had a terrible allergic reaction to some mango I ate (I know, right?! Random devil fruit!). I know that's not a good excuse for not compositing, but darnit if I didn't feel terrible.

I hope to have some clips to post here soon. Right now I've got to go through all of this footage and throw it together into some sort of coherent order...oh wait, no, that's my documentary film project that's due Thursday. Great.