Victoria Cook on Cartoon Brew!

Victoria Cook of UArts (woot!) earned a post on Cartoon Brew with her short film Poezenklass! We here at the university are all very proud of her.

Finals are in full swing. I'm finally shooting my senior piece (I know, it took me forever, right?), and even though there were some hiccups, it's going OK. I've got a ton of stuff to do for all my classes, so no sleep for me! Yay delirium!

I also finished a short ID spot for "24 in the OC," CNBC's Orange County, California station. I worked on it with Mike Englisis, who does graphic design, film and music. It's not an overly complicated piece, but I liked working on it. And hey, it's on TV. That's always a plus.

Things to finish: A screenplay, an animation bible, my senior film, and a soundtrack piece.