I apologize, Mr. Cameron.

I had serious doubts about Avatar. Sure, James Cameron wrote the Terminator films, Aliens, and Titanic, but earlier this year I read this in an interview, from his producer, Jon Landeau:

"Our goal on this movie was not to replace the actor, it was to replace the animator. If you think about it, what a great actor does and what a great animator does are antithetical to one another."
(quote taken from The Australian)

...and it got me a bit peeved. I thought, "What do you mean, 'replace the animator?!' You jerk!"

Then I actually saw the film. I have to say, Mr. Cameron, that was beautifully done. I understand what he was going for now. I enjoyed this style much more than the mo-cap in other films. Not to mention, ILM and the concept artists on this film are my new heroes...well, ILM has always been a favorite of mine, but still.