I was up late tonight (as you can see by the time on this post), watching whatever came on TV after Glee, and The Bernie Mac Show came on. I absolutely love that show, but I somehow managed to miss this episode. It was called "Tryptophan-tasy," and it was a Thanksgiving episode from season 2. Bernie Mac accidentally under cooks a turkey and gets sick. His hallucinations include a leap into the television, where he and his nephew Jordan are transformed into clay animated figures. They fight with exagerated cartoon violence -- which Bernie explains is OK when he breaks the fourth wall to speak to the audience -- and it was amazing.

I can't find a clip of this episode anywhere! It's driving me nuts. The episode was funny already, but the transition into animation made it 10 times better.

The animation DP was Michael Eder, but he's difficult to track down, too. He did some stuff for Adult Swim, MTV, and Sony PSP.

On another note, while trying to track down Mr. Eder, I found this video, and it made me smile:

I wanted to do something similar for a project last year, but unforeseen circumstances prevented me from finishing the film. I'm pretty inspired by this, though. I think I'll give it another shot.