Senior Test Numero Cinqo

Shouldn't the leaves on the ground be red and brown, not green?

University of the Arts had a screening of The Animation Show of Shows tonight. There were DVDs for sale after the show...there goes my paycheck.

Senior year is hopping along nicely. I finished my fifth test:

The quality isn't so good; I may need to change the contrast. This test was done with black and brown eyeliner, the "good but cheap" kind -- i wouldn't really know about eyeliner since I don't wear makeup, but the nice lady at Walgreens helped me out.

I really hope I can actually animate a shot in the next two or three weeks. I've been playing around with different ways to mark skin; so far, I've been using the same technique to remove each marking, but I got a few ideas today (thanks Maya!) that may take me in another direction. My top two choices for the actual drawings are the "good but cheap" eyeliner (for the control), and Aquacolor theater makeup (for easy application and removal, although control is a bit of an issue). I have a couple more tests to do.

On another note, there is an amazing Tibetan monk doing a sand painting in the Gershman Y.

He works on it line by line. Sometimes each line is only a grain of sand thick.

Aurora Sanction is slowly but surely updating. Stay tuned.

"Open up your third eye, so you can envision a better livin'."
-Tablo, Epik High