I was rummaging through the library's basement today, going through a collection of Life magazines from 1941, and I found some pretty cool stuff. The above image is for Blue Ribbon Ale. The ad was about the Ale's "hops." Get it? Haaaaaaaaha....ha.....

The little guys were just so round and fun. There were other crazy ads for things like stockings and cigars...lots of cigars. And cigarettes. And liquor. Basically whatever you'd find in an inner-city corner store.

Apparently, 1941 was also the anniversary of the Green Giant, so Disney had a big ad in there, too. Snow White and other Disney characters were featured in a double-page spread. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a color copy of the ad.

It was pretty cool to see all this stuff. I mean, I love the internet and all, but there's something about old books that will always seem better than anything electronic to me.

On another topic, I've been sick for about a week or so. It should have been a shorter period of time, but I kept going outside into the cold and drawing things. Stupid artist's brain. I managed to get a couple of sketches in before passing out in my apartment from fatigue (on a completely unrelated note, does "Fatigue" sound like a ghetto name to anyone else?). A few of them came from class, but it's nice to go outside and jot people down on paper.