You've Probably Already Seen This...

But I wanted to re-iterate how cool I think this video is. As always, there's some controversy over the animation, and if the company that directed it stole the idea from another individual. That aside, I love it.

Strawberry Swing, by Coldplay

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing (Official HD Video) from swashbuckley on Vimeo.

In Other News

We all know that Disney, the giant that owns our souls, recently bought Marvel. Unfortunately for Disney, they may not get everything they want. Jack Kirby's children are trying to take their father's work back. You can read more about it here.

Even if Disney doesn't get all of the rights to Marvel, they've still got Paramount Pictures, ABC, SOAPnet, ESPN, Radio Disney, the resorts, the animation studios, Disney XD, parts of Lifetime and A&E, Hyperion, and everything else we know and love.