I've been following a webcomic called Multiplex for a few years now. It's a fun comic about a group of people working in a movie theater. Multiplex has garnered a pretty large fanbase, but like all webcomics, it could use a little more help. Gordon McAlpin, the creator, is trying to raise money to make print anthologies of the series. While I'm sure he'd love straight donations, McAlpin is offering gifts in exchange, including one-of-a-kind, one-shot strips, t-shirts, the book itself, and other cool stuff.

Gordon McAlpin can explain things better than I can.

If you can, help him out. He's even learning Flash so he can animate the characters. Here's what he's got so far for the theme song:

Welcome to the Multiplex 10 Cinemas! from Gordon McAlpin on Vimeo.