16bit: Fun for Geeks and Gamers alike

I've been stuck in the land of nostalgia. A friend of mine found some old pictures of us at the Student Animation Workshop (SAW), a youth animation program in Michigan. It's run by Digital Arts, Film and Television (DAFT), and if you're in Michigan, it's an amazing way to spend your weekends. In 2005, the group I was in created Nubsy, a claymation film about a legless dog who no one wanted. I made the paper puppets, and narrated.

The director of that film is Dee Derusha, who found the pictures. :) She is now the head of Under The Desk Productions, also based in Michigan. You can find out more about what she does, as well as watch Nubsy, here. Her main website is self-titled: Dee Derusha.

As for the title of this entry, 16bit is a group headed by Justin L. and Justin T. They make fun videos like this:

I enjoy watching what 16bit does, because with each video I can see the progression in filming techniques, editing, and special effects. They're also very entertaining. Check them out here. I recommend the Fear the Ninja Skillz and Left 4 Dead videos.