The Princess and the Frog

As the general public already knows, the trailer for Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" came out recently. I like the concept, and I like that this film is FINALLY releasing after so many changes. I know there was controversy over the main character's original name, Maddy. Some people were also upset over her design. Why? I have no idea.

Can someone please explain to me why these designs wouldn't have worked? I heard complaints all over the internet about how "her hair is too kinky," and "her nose is too wide." Get over it, guys. She's Black. The thing that kills me, is that 90% of these complaints were from Black people. I look in the mirror every day, so I know my lips are thick, and my hair is kinky. It's not an insult to portray an African American princess like this; it's an honor.

Not that I don't like her current design. The animators probably have an easier time this way, too. All I'm saying is that the reason it took Disney 2 extra years to make this film is because they changed the design. Whether that was a direct result of the controversy, or to make it easier for the animators to work on it, or both, the world still had to wait longer to see the results. So big ups to Disney for going back to 2D, for animating the first Black Disney princess, and for dealing with all the ignorance that came with it.