I Drew A Thing: Part 1

As usual, I have loaded myself with more projects and side projects than I care to count, so I was grateful for a trip out of the country this month. I went to France for a few weeks, mainly for the animation festival at Annecy. While there, I met Fran Krause, the independent animator, and Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew, who is actually the reason I started this blog. He took the time to explain to me why is was both useful and necessary for an up and coming artist. Both Amid and Fran were pretty cool, so thanks, guys!

The trip also got me back into sketching from life. I'd been in a rut for a while, and couldn't get much out on paper. Traveling is a good way to refresh the brain.

That last one is a character for a comic I'll be illustrating soon. Her name is Chuck, and yes, she is cooler than you. If you can't tell, I love weapons technology. :)

Other projects I'm finishing up/just starting include:
1) Hand-inked illustrations for a model who works in Chicago (perhaps I'll post a couple here later)
2) A short animation based on my trip to Annecy
3) A short animation based on my trip to Cape May, NJ
4) Storyboard for my senior film

I will probably put the Cape May film on hold until the other stuff is done. The inked illustrations are finished, they just need to be put together and sent out. And of course, I'll update my progress as I go along.