After being attacked by a billy goat at a young age, Jaz decided that leaving her Detroit, MI home was for the best. She moved to Philadelphia, PA, where she received her BFA in Animation from The University of The Arts. She currently works as a sequential artist and arts instructor, whose inspiration falls between “what happened” and “what could have happened.” She has yet to be attacked by another goat.

This site is mainly where I post my non-video/animation work. For moving images, head over to my vimeo !

Ongoing Projects:

Sequential Philly: Sequential Philly provides an online directory for Philadelphia-based comic creators, as well as interviews with Philadelphians working in the comics scene.

We: "We" is a documentary comic, started in early 2016, with the goal of bridging the gap between Black Americans who were brought to the United States by force, and those who chose to migrate here. Through interviews with the latter group, I hope to provide further understanding of the particular struggles they face within both the Black community and the American community at large.


The Nation


The New Yorker

B*tch Magazine

Comics For Choice

Mad House, Vol. 4

Optical Toys


Best Animation, March 2018: Moscow Shorts International Film Festival - The Ogre & The Mermaid

Winner, Ignatz Award for Best Anthology 2018 (contributor), Comics For Choice